September 6, 2012

4 We (ahem... SLOAN) Can't Get Enough of Brimham Rocks!

So many times.
here on a snowy Thanksgiving, here during a thunderstorm, here are some shots of individual rock formations on a bright, sunny January day, Max does some climbing here, here is Brimham Moor covered in blooming heather, halfway down the post here is a view of Nidderdale from the rocks during a rainstorm lull, and Sloan's little salute to Brimham.

I finally took some classic brochure-esque images of the rocks.  Those bins (trash cans)? They're full of Sloan's "donations". 

I couldn't decide which view I liked better!

He's so handsome!!

Oh, I meant he is... right. That's what I meant.

This shot will never cease to crack me up!

Oh, Nidderdale. I'm gonna miss you.

Yeah, you've seen this one before- but I just love it!! 


  1. Two handsome boys for sure (but you know who my favorite is). Gorgeous pictures.

  2. So pretty! That picture of Sloan peaking out from behind the rock is just adorable.

  3. I'm so late on this, but what a beautiful place! I think I've read about it as a good place to rock climb...not that I climb. The rock formations are a bit Moab-esque. Love that photo of Sloan behind the rock!


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