January 2, 2012

0 Where We Go: Brimham Rocks

Where do you go when both humans are home and the day isn't so bad?  Brimham Rocks, of course!!

 I couldn't believe there was snow on the ground- yesterday poured rain all day, and I told Paul I was surprised it wasn't snow, because the air was so cold.  I guess I was right... just not at our house!  

 Max, showing you both his chicken leg (the left one, after five surgeries on it he has muscle deficiency!) and how muddy the paths are at Brimham!

 Our little explorers.  He is so excited whenever we let him off lead these days, since we can only do it when there is minimal excitement- he's still not allowed to full-on run, poor boy!  Sloan is also thrilled to have her sidekick back- she loves her "little" brother!

Max was feeling good enough to climb up some of the (flatter and lower) rocks.  I did have to lift him off of one that had a drop too high for his comfort, but for the most part he was a trooper!

Now that we're home and dinner is over, both pooches are completely passed out, under blankets.  New Year's Resolution?  Intact! 

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