July 5, 2012

3 Thunderstorm at Brimham Rocks

 To celebrate the 4th of July, or, to be honest, to celebrate the end of the April-June ground-birds nesting season that requires dogs to be kept on lead at Brimham Rocks, Sloan and I headed to her favorite place on earth.
Despite us not having gone there for three months- an eternity for a dog- she started wriggling and making happy faces before we even turned onto Brimham's lane.  
The girl knows what she loves!

The sky was a gorgeous, cartoonish blue with puffy white clouds when we set out, but about halfway through our adventure a heavy dark cloud rolled in, and I heard thunder.
I don't mind rain, as long as it's not freezing, and today was warm and muggy, as it has been lately.
(Yes, to my poor family and friends suffering in the 100ºF+ temperatures in Atlanta, 66ºF is HOT here!)
I baggied up my camera (having a roll of dog-poo bags comes in handy for more than just conscientious dog clean-up!) and we kept on playing fetch.

 When the rain began pelting down, Sloan and I hid under a big rock.  

 She dropped her ball into this deep gorge, but I managed to reach down all 2 feet of the depth and retrieve it.  Mommies are the best!

As we drove away, some of the locals came to see us off. These are actually calves- their mommas were less curious!


  1. What a good mommy! I love how she is looking at that gorge - it would have haunted her dreams had you not been able to retrieve it!

  2. NO WAY! You reached all two feet down? That silly little Sloan. You get the #1 Mommy award today!

    And those calves? LOVE THEM.

  3. Eurgh, thunderstorms = you'll find me wrestling with the dogs and cats for a spot under the bed.
    Yes, I'm a wimp, through and through!
    Love the picture of Sloan looking down the gorge, especially the way she's got her ears pricked...


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