June 29, 2011

0 In June, This Happened:

This is the bottom of our bed nearly every morning.

Yes, this is a mole.  Yes, he's in our house.  The poor guy was terrified, and surprisingly fast as long as he wasn't running into corners, so I took his picture then liberated him with a shoebox.  He promptly dug straight down under the hedge, never to return to "that place" again.

We had a rare few days of sunshine.  The sunshine princess basked in its glory.

I got a free Wallace and Gromit Cheesy Cookbook for sending in the wrapper from my Wensleydale cheese.  

 We had (more commonly) a rainy day, which Sloan and I ignored and went to Brimham Rocks anyway. On the rocks I got this view.

The we came home to this rainbow.

Lastly, I was driving home one day, turned onto our lane, and there was a cow walking down it.  With no herd.  And no farmer.  She stopped to peer over this fence, so I stopped to take her picture.  Then I told the farmer and he went to interrupt her stroll. 

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