September 5, 2012

5 Black Sheep Brewery

Masham is about an hour from us, and the esteemed home of two breweries: Theakston and Black Sheep. We parked in town centre, and this sign made me smile.  We'd intended to tour both breweries, but a lazy morning and a leisurely lunch put our time short, and we only saw Black Sheep.

The view behind the brewery- how on earth do they get any work done when there's good beer and a great view like this to enjoy?!?

Our tour guide was excellent. I suck, and didn't get a picture of her and I don't remember her name- but she reminded me of a Yorkshire Angela Lansbury.  And there is something quite delightful about Mrs. Potts telling you all about beer brewing.

The brewing copper.  I'll be honest- we went there back in mid-July, and I don't remember the details. It's a lot of "water is important, hops are important, heat and stirring and fermenting are important, and we give the spent hops to the cows."  Very similar to a whiskey distillery tour

The mash tun.

Old wooden kegs (they now use aluminium) and examples of the various sizes of kegs: barrel, firkin, gallon, kilderkin, and hogshead.  Wikipedia describes them here

Then we went to the bar and sampled some beer. 
Riggwelter: strong! I give it an "eh, not bad".
Best Bitter: rich and dark. I give it a "great with a fish pie".
Black Sheep Ale: standard beer. I'm not crazy about it (I tend towards dark ales and stouts).
Golden Sheep: very light. Very, very light. Paul liked it, I thought it tasted like Cheerios beer.
Holy Grail: delicious! I give it an "oh, you'd better get another one for you".

Then we went over to Brymoor Ice Cream Parlour for dessert, and had some great ice cream- but I only took pictures of the cows. Standard. 


  1. I didn't realize Angela Lansbury is from Yorkshire. Looks like a great tour! I'm hoping to do a tour in York in the next couple of weeks - you've given me some good ideas on your blog :) Thanks!

    If you find yourself in London, I'd love to meet you at 'Blogger's Tea' on Oct 2nd. Details on my blog :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Haha! I love your rating system. "oh, you'd better get another one for you"

  3. The cows are my favourite (surprise!)
    I'm now back in the land of blogging - Blogger has not been my friend recently and wouldn't let me post OR comment.
    However, I've now got an all-day catch-up date with your blog and I CAN'T WAIT!

  4. My brother is the Landlord of the Bruce Arms in Masham, it is a lovely little town.


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