September 4, 2012

2 The Bay Horse, Masham

We headed up to Masham one day in July and stopped at a recommended pub for lunch. It wasn't serving food (that's not an unusual response- serving hours vary greatly at each establishment, and are rarely listed. Being a "local" has many benefits, one of which is knowing when you can eat.) Anyway, we found The Bay Horse just off the town centre. 

The place is charming, with handwritten notes scattered all over amidst the traditional mismatched furnishings.

Many pubs have copper pieces as decor. This display made me want to get a pool cue and bang on the bottoms, though!

This made me think of Lexi immediately!

Paul's steak-and-ale pie (with an amazing top crust!).

And my fish pie. I really can't eat enough fish pie!
The atmosphere was charming and relaxed and the food was delicious- so I'm starting my own recommendation for The Bay Horse!

Next we headed over to the Black Sheep Brewery for a tour and tasting!


  1. THAT is the kind of place I want to hang out in!

  2. YUM! You and your fish pie obsession!
    That quote is so true, I think I need to print it out and hang it above my desk (although it's a little too late for me...)


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