October 14, 2010

0 Scotland Trip; Pluscarden Abbey, Glenfiddich Distillery, October 14

I'd read in our Rough Guide that there was a working abbey, Pluscarden Abbey, not too far from Elgin, so I put it on our list of places to see.  This is the road leading up to the abbey.

The abbey,  first built around 1230, was inhabited by monks until the end of the 16th century.   Passing from one family's ownership to another, in 1943 it was given to the Benedictine community at Prinknash.  They worked hard to restore it, taking residence in 1948 and being elevated to Abbey status in 1974.

The current monks have a stained glass studio and create brilliant images for the windows of the abbey.

Paul and I arrived about 12N, so were fortunate enough to be able to stay for Sext,which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

The Abbey gate.

What do you do after leaving Cathedral ruins and a working Abbey? Head to a distillery, of course!  Paul wanted to do one distillery tour on our trip, since we were in the heart of whiskey country,  and he chose Glenfiddich.

I didn't take many pictures on the tour, it's actually forbidden in many buildings for reason of the static electricity being too much in a room with that high alcohol concentration.  Pictures were allowed in this room as long as they were from this balcony.  I think it's Willy Wonka's alcoholic section...

Pretty bridge alert!  This was on a walking path to the side of the road we were driving on.  It has turrets!

Highland hay fields.  

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