August 31, 2012

6 Farm Delivery Friday August 31!

 This week's Riverford Farm Delivery really is showing the transition from summer to autumn- both delicious seasons!

Discovery apples and blueberries.
Discovery apples are supposed to have a hint of strawberry flavour- I'm intrigued!

 Lettuce, courgettes, and mixed peppers.  I was delayed in taking pictures because Sloan had another playdate with Finley (you try taking pictures around 180lbs and 12 legs of canine!), so Paul and I ate the other head of lettuce during our lunch!


 Carrots, cucumber (there were two- the other one was in our lunch, too!), and calabrese broccoli.

 Cheeeeeeeeeese.  Specifically, Glastonbury smoked cheddar, halloumi, and skimmed milk.

Portobello mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and salad potatoes. I put them in my potato bag, which keeps them dry and dark which makes them last longer- although we rarely test that in our house!

When I was eating the carrots from last Friday the dogs begged for some- so I gave them each a small one. Sloan ate hers very daintily, so I had to take a picture!

I'm off to make some cookies, and tomorrow I've got that apple and Wensleydale-with-cranberries pie calling my name (I promise I'll take pictures, Betsy!). Do you have any exciting plans this weekend?
Any good fall food favorites making their way to your kitchen?


  1. a) thank you

    life is good.

  2. I still have a couple farm delivery websites bookmarked, just gotta get my crap together and make the plunge one of these days.
    Our dogs LOVE carrots!

  3. All your healthy pics are making me feel real guilty about my dinner of tacos and movie popcorn tonight... And I'm pretty sure Harlow wouldn't touch a carrot. Like mother like child....

  4. I'm wondering what brand of potato bag you have. We tried one a couple of years ago & were unimpressed. Would love to find one that works.


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