August 22, 2012

5 Sloan's Playdate and Angel Food Cake

Today Sloan had a friend over- Finley. Sloan's big on friends, and is a firm believer that every dog she meets, passes, and/or smells has the potential to be her next best friend.  We've been regulars at dog parks, had regular playdates, and for a bit the dogs went to daycare once a week. It's very important to us that the dogs are social and know how to interact with other dogs. Max has a hard time with dogs his size or bigger, because he's intimidated and nervous that they'll hurt him, but put him with a toy poodle, beagle, or even a papillon and he is HAPPY!
Anyway, back to today- my friend brought Finley over to play for a bit and he walked in the door ready to go- and Sloan met him there! Max came over for a sniff, but wasn't a constant participant in the fun. 


 Finley is two. Sloan is not. But what she lacks in youth she makes up for in technique! Look at that shoulder-block! 
(I know this picture isn't really in focus, but I couldn't resist posting it!)

 She's got the moves.

 A Lion King reenactment!

 This picture cracks me up! 

 Finley taking a break- for about 20 seconds!

Before Finley came over, I baked an angel food cake. It's my favorite kind of cake, and has been a go-to for me since I was diagnosed with high cholesterol when I was 5. I began baking my own from scratch about 6 years ago and haven't looked back- although this means I've made every one of my birthday cakes and am often requested to make this one for gatherings! 
Anyway, I was buying my eggs at Paxton's Farm Shop last week so I could make two different angel food cakes for get-togethers last week. While I was there, I realized that, while I had talked it up to Ian, I hadn't made his family one yet- and clearly I needed to, since I won't be here much longer! 
(Angel food cakes don't exist over here- take a moment of silence to pity the Brits.)

 Anyway, I made one-

 frosted it with meringue icing (for the record, no, this is not "Fluffy White Frosting", but it is from the same page of my mom's 1970 Better Homes and Gardens cookbook- this is "Seven Minute Frosting"), and delivered it when I took Finley back home (after three and a half glorious hours of dog wrestling, chasing, and slobbering!).
Here's hoping it gets rave reviews!!

This is the face I came home to- SUCCESS!


  1. I don't understand the concept of icing angel food cakes.

  2. Haha--that "soaring ears" pic rocks!

  3. Those photos just make me smile! There is nothing like having another animal companion! Even though Tolly may have been more of an independent cat, we really do think that adopting Amelie was so good for him. And after Tolly passed, we KNOW we did the right thing by adopting Boone. They are such a match, and they bring out the best in each other. She is a mother figure to him, and he has taught her how to play. I love watching them together!

    Also, that cake looks delicious!

  4. That's a lot of fun in the pictures!

    I don't know that cake either. Or maybe I know it by a different name? Could I get a recipe, though? Pretty please :)

  5. Can I get your angel food recipe? I love it served with fresh whipped cream (although that might defeat the low cholesterol purpose) and berries or chocolate chips. I cant believe the Brits dont have angel food cake! They are missing out!


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