August 24, 2012

4 Farm Delivery Friday August 24

 There are so many shades of green in this week's Riverford farm delivery- it's DELICIOUS!

Bunched onions and broad beans. Unfortunately, I don't like ANY beans, but they were the only negative in my "Seasons" vegbox.  Let's hope my neighbors like them!

 Leeks! I absolutely love leeks. 

 Bunched carrots, cucumbers, and portobello mushrooms.
Something I've learned from Riverford is that, while bunched carrots sure are attractive, they shouldn't be stored with the greens attached, as they suck the moisture from the carrots. If you're not eating them soon, cut them off. Also, if carrots are left dirty, they can be stored in a brown paper bag in a cool, dry place- they only need to go in the refrigerator if they're scrubbed!

 Calabrese broccoli.

 Spinach and mixed peppers. Sadly, my favorite bell pepper is green- and I don't like the yellow at all. Ordering the "mixed peppers" just guarantees two different colors, though. Oh, well. 

(It looks like Core Bamboo sponsors me... only I paid for it.)

 Grapefruit and lettuce.

 Fresh mint and blueberries!
I feel like some lemon-mint flavored water is calling my name...

 2L skimmed milk, Glastonbury smoked cheddar, fresh buffalo mozzarella, and organic roast beef.
Paul likes the roast beef for sandwiches- I like the smoked cheddar for everything!
I got two fresh mozzarellas because I'm hoping I can talk Paul into making pizza when he gets home- he loves pizza, so I'm hoping having had access to Mellow Mushroom for two weeks hasn't satiated him!

I've told you how Max "shops" in the box while I take these pictures. Last week, when I was shucking some corn for dinner, he patiently waited until I pulled the last of the husk off- and stole the cob! When he bit the end off I grabbed it back and sliced off the corn for him- no digestive blockages here, please!
Today the brat tried to steal the broccoli and blueberries- before he found the cucumbers I distracted him with some dog ice cream!

I'm thinking of picking out four of my favorite FDF pictures and getting big acrylic prints made to hang in our NC kitchen- thoughts? Any favorite images or subject matter you want to recommend?

Have a great weekend! Any last-hurrah cookouts planned for the end of summer?


  1. Everything looks so beautiful and tasty! Oh and colourful!

    I hope you got to make your pizza! x

  2. Everything looks lovely, but the grapefruit looks especially yummy.
    I think prints of your food deliveries is a great idea! I would take one myself. :) the leeks. I wrote about a tomato and leek tart I made in a kids cooking class (w/my nephew). It was DELICIOUS. (

  3. the blueberries&mint one is gorgeous! it all looks yummy - but especially the broad beans, which I LOVE. I'll take them :)

  4. Laverstoke Park Farm (where the mozzarella's from) is super-close to where my parents live (and shortly, where I will live).


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