June 8, 2012

5 Friday Food Day: Farm Delivery June 8 and Baked Potato Pizza!

 I bought this bunting in town a few weeks ago and hung it in our big window immediately. Maybe it makes Sloan's barking at passers-by seem like patriotic cheering? No?

wet garlic, courgettes, bell peppers, celery
 Riverford Farm Delivery! 

2L skimmed milk, Greens of Glastonbury smoked cheddar, Hominy pies, prosecco, buffalo mozzarella
Riverford just started a new "picnic" section, which include pies and tarts. They have a smoked chicken tart that I am dying to try, but our last-minute ordering habit found that one sold out.  I am eager to try this vegetarian homity pie, though! They've offered various wines and beverages the whole time we've been customers, but, while I have ordered some of the soft drinks before (Americans: "soft drinks" means anything non-alcoholic here. Brits: "soft drinks" means cokes, or carbonated sodas in the States.), I've never ordered any of the wines, because (horrors!) neither Paul or I like wine. I do, however, like myself a little bubbly, so I decided to try the organic prosecco.

from the top: cherries, blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb
 Fruit plate!
The cherries are imported from Italy, France, and Spain this time of year, so that makes my "buy local" heart a little sad. However, my "cherries are the BEST FRUIT EVER" belly wins out.

 I was having a lot of fun with the berries, so I decided to play food photographer for a minute.

 I also discovered I have no self-control when it comes to cherries or berries. It's been about three hours and I've eaten all the cherries and about 1/3 of the blueberries. 
Once when I was little my mom took me to the grocery store and bought 2 lbs of cherries. She put the grocery bag in the back seat next to my booster seat. The cherries were gone by the time we got home. True story.
*Before you have the standard reaction to what happens when a normal person eats that much fruit, I'll let you know that I've never reacted in that... "manner". I seem to have a fruit-friendly digestive tract.

Ahem. On to other matters.
 Remember when I teased Lexi y'all with my baked potato pizza?
Yeah. It was good.

I made it again, and took pictures this time. I did make it at 9:30 at night, though, so the lighting is dusky.
Just think of it as romantic carb-loading.
 I chopped up green bell peppers, spring onions, and wet garlic. I then thinly sliced some potatoes.

UPDATE EDIT: The ingredients here made two pizzas, about 14" across. If you put five potatoes on one pizza, that is impressive. And scary. I like leftovers, especially ones that are easy to reheat for lunch.

 Shredded mozzarella, shredded smoked cheddar, and fresh buffalo mozzarella. 

 Paul makes pizza dough from scratch. It's good. 
I put a quarter-size (or ten pence-size) dollop of olive oil in the center, and use a pastry brush to spread it out.

 Spread the shredded cheeses thinly on the bottom, being sure to get some around the edges. 
Place one layer of potatoes across.

 Layer of fixin's.
You can put any toppings you want here- a lot of people put bacon, or chives, or whatever you'd put on a baked potato.
Sprinkle some shredded cheese over this. Thinly again.

 Another layer of potatoes, then shredded cheese, then baby spinach, then fresh mozzarella.
The pizza will be really tall by now.
No worries.

 My friend told me she cooks her pizzas on her pizza stone on the grill.
I tried it. It's easy and excellent, especially since our pizza stone won't fit in our Aga.
Turn the grill on SUPER high, though. I had all four burners cranked all the way up.
This pizza took about 25 minutes to cook.

See how it cooks down to a normal level? So clever how cheese melts like that.

Now I'm hungry. Good thing I have those pies...


  1. Mmm, that does look good!
    Also, thanks for the reply on last week's comment. I'm researching farm delivery here in San Diego! There are a few, but most of them have scattered pick up locations, rather than home delivery. When I get it figured out I'll post about it and let you know! :)

    I've been *working* this weekend, and so somehow missed this marvel of creative cuisine.
    I mean, really, YUM.
    Thanks for the shout out :-)
    [Off to the kitchen...]

  3. umm...need some. we got interrupted in the middle of our wet garlic discussion. where can i acquire some without having to wait for my delivery?

    also - add some peach pulp to your prosecco. yummer bellini - trust me.

    our grill makes magic pizza more quickly than yours. wonder why? will ask pizza chef when he gets home.

  4. THANK YOU! I will be in SF for a year and a half up to 3 years, so I will definitely look into those courses. You're the greatest!!!!

  5. That looks absolutely delicious! Baked potatoes were a total weakness of mine in college!


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