June 12, 2012

3 Knaresborough Bed Race 2012 Parade Cont.


 Indonesia- see the orangutan? I loved it!

 Zambia. Why? Victoria Falls--> Victoria Beckham-->Victoria/Posh Spice--> Spice Girls.
It's a stretch, but it sure was hilarious!




 The Netherlands.

Yes, that's blackface. No, this was not (by far) the first time we've seen it here. Yes, it still shocks us, 
but not nearly as much as the Little Sambo dolls and pictures I've seen in completely random gift shops, though. 

 Turkey. The side says "Turkish Delight."


Some kids standing near us got into an argument over how to pronounce "Peron", and where it is in the world. These kids also deemed one of the island-y looking beds to be "Hawaii." *sigh*







 A band, with the most energetic bandleader ever.

 Madagascar! Cute lemur butts!


 I found the Canada display even more disappointing than the Ireland one.





We *think* this is Ecuador.

Come back tomorrow for the Race!


  1. Blackface - really? Is that even allowed?

  2. Zambia = incredible lateral thinking.
    Turkish delight = yes, I agree.

  3. Not sure what the gold lame shorts mean for Australia...?
    OK..Hellsinki is funny!
    Ecuador, or maybe Peru...?

    Looks like fun! :)


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