June 12, 2012

2 Knaresborough Bed Race 2012 Parade

 If you're a long-time reader (hey, family!) then you might remember that in 2010 I went to the Knaresborough Bed Race, but didn't know there was a parade prior to the race itself. Then last year Paul and I both went to the parade, but due to a work event he had we weren't able to stay for the race.
This year we were there for the whole thing.
The theme was "Olympic Nations," and for the first time the race officials assigned each team's individual theme.  Some really went all out, some were quite clever, and others were disappointing.  There were 91 teams, and no, I didn't post a picture of each- but I hope you enjoy!
I've listed the countries we know- unfortunately the list of assignments isn't on the website anymore.

What's a parade without bagpipes?!?

 This team won best dressed- they were Belgium. 

 This made sense, since Brussels is home to the Comic Strip Centre, which focuses mostly on the Smurfs and TinTin (both originally written in Belgium).

Smurf chocolates at a Brussels chocolatiere.

 Paul's pretty sure this was Singapore.



 Papua New Guinea.

 Kenya front...

 Kenya back!

 I liked this one- the Chilean miners!


 Several dance troupes provided entertainment.

 Romania. The figure in black on the left is Dracula!

 Kazakhstan- where Russia's space program launches their rockets.

 I was disappointed by this lack-luster Republic of Ireland.


 Wow.  I mean... wow.

 Legos really are from Denmark! (I learned so much at this parade!)

 Sri Lanka.





  1. I think it could even be said "there IS no parade without bagpipes..."

  2. I can't remember the last time I went to a parade, but these photos make me feel like a kid again!


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