June 13, 2012

13 I Made a Vlog... In My "Closet"

I decided to join up with Emily from Hope Squared for her "What's In Your... Closet?" vlog linkup. 
If you know me, and have seen me wear the same eight t-shirts with the same two pairs of levi's that I've had all of for years... you'll wonder why.
Well, it seemed an easy foray into vlogging, as well as a chance to show why I don't have a regular closet.
Hopefully you like it?

Hope Squared

I'm not sure why my lips are so red. I only wear chapstick.
Yes, I have storage stuff in my closet. It's the trestles to my desk and two boxes of fabric.
No, I don't actually wear the booby hat.  It's just from a project in my fabric structure class.
I didn't mean to do the Pretty Little Liars "shhh" thing... that was unfortunate.
And lastly, I wasn't shedding a tear over the Betsey Johnson- my end-of-the-day mascara had my eyelashes sticking together.

So... thanks for watching?

edit: I think Vimeo hates me... that still that they've got as the video image is like I'm trying to drunk-seduce you.  awkward.


  1. I am so glad you linked up. I love seeing bloggers in 'real life'.

    Now - why didn't you try on that Boobie Hat for us? And how did you get all those clothes with you to England?

  2. 1.) you hang up bras? you DO hang everything!
    2.) love the booby hat
    3.) your hair is pretty
    4.) can you wear opaque tights with the betsy johnson dress so the shortness isn't such an issue?

  3. Ummmm I'm digging the Betsy Johnson dress. I'll take it!!!

  4. This was great! I love "meeting" you and seeing your clothes room... I think I would like to raid it! I like your jewelry display frame - was that a Pinterest project? Your PLL Anthro coat is fabulous! Well done and yay for first vlogs today!

  5. You could totally rock that Betsy Johnson dress in Knaresborough & fit right in... Sorry, couldn't help myself. It would make a darling tunic.

  6. Thanks for linking up!! You're so cute! I dig your closet/room! GOOD IMPULSE buy, I would probably rock that. I find one coat I love and wear it everyday during the winter. DUDE you could not dance in that dress without showing some goodies.

  7. I'm so glad you vlogged, because I feel like I've really met you now!

    1. I watch PLL. I know your pain, delusion, and denial. ;-)

    2. I've never known anyone to hang up her bras before. I suddenly feel like such a schlep for putting mine in a drawer.

    3. I love that BJ dress! Do you ever wear it over leggings with boots? That would be cute! I LOVE IT!

  8. Thanks so much for linking up! I loved the boobie hat {LOL} and you have convinced me never to move to England!

  9. Thanks for linking up!!!!
    Btw the chapstick makes your lips if you're using the "cherry" kind. I realized that after I wiped my lips off and i saw red on my napkin!!! LOL

  10. Thanks so much for linking up! I love your closet/room! haha I laughed at the boobie hat...awesome. And I am totally digging your tie dye shirt! I have one I made forever ago that has my initials on it...its pretty awesome!

  11. You're a vlogging superstar, Gesci. So fun to hear your voice! And yeah, I was shocked that everyone hangs their clothes to dry in Australia. When we were apartment hunting, some of them said "communal clothesline." My husband was like "Eff that." Haha! Us spoiled Americans.

  12. So nice to meet you!! I love that you have a whole room for a closet. That is my kind of girl! I was at Oxford my senior year of college, so I know all about wardrobes & no closets!

    It's fun meeting other international bloggers. Makes me feel a little more normal ;)

  13. I love that coat and that hat is hilarious! You were not kidding when you said you took over a room -- love it! I'm here with my oh-so-tiny wardrobe and extremely jealous.


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