May 1, 2012

5 Amsterdam Food and Market Flowers

We (okay... I) ate our way around Amsterdam- and it was great!

 Ben and Jerry's was everywhere! Of course, I had to indulge in a Belgian waffle with my favorite Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt on top!

Henri Willig cheese shop with free samples!

One place I don't have pictures of, but you should stop at is a bakery/chocolatiere-
't Goede Soet
Keizersgracht 95
I bought lots of chocolates there, including dark chocolate covered marshmallows, dark chocolate nonpareils, and dark chocolate coins.  (I only like dark chocolate, if you can't tell!)
Stop in, she's got a great selection of all chocolates and varieties!

 We stumbled across a restaurant that seems quite popular, now that I'm looking it up online- The Pancake Bakery.  Just down the street from the Anne Frankhuis, it wasn't too far from our holiday apartment, either.  The first time we ate there I wanted to be healthy- so I ordered the Masai pancake, with broccoli, zucchini, paprika, carrots, onions, mushrooms, leeks, and cheese.  It was delicious!

I might have insisted we go back the next night, so I could get a dessert-like pancake- which was such a hard choice!  I ended up on the English pancake, with William pears (like the canned kind), vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.
Note for Americans: these "pancakes" are European- so what we'd call crepes. Still delicious, just different.

 I made this breakfast for myself at our apartment.  Some sweet, sticky cakes I got at a bakery with sliced fresh strawberries on top!

 Flowers from the Lindengracht Saturday street market.

Hold onto your socks-
(is that the phrase? I have no idea...)
I've got Amsterdam's posts done for you!!
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  1. So. Much. Food.

    Now you've made me hungry - those pancakes look out of control!

  2. Love love loveee all your pictures. Great city to visit! :)

  3. Cherry Garcia is amazing, but I just wish they still did the ice cream here rather than only the frozen yoghurt!

  4. Mmmmm the food looks so delicious. It almost makes me want to start focusing on indulging in France before I need to go home...Those desserts!!!

  5. Samantha- I usually get the frozen yogurt; I'm disappointed when the ice cream is the only one available! I really miss the sorbets, though- the strawberry kiwi was excellent!
    Laura- DO indulge! I may have a bit more *ahem* pudge to show for living in Europe, but, I figure I might not ever get to live here again, and we've only got one life! Might as well eat the best stuff and love it! What's the point in being around all of this incredible food (plus it's usually quite fresh- better than preservatized crap- and rich- you eat less to get the same pleasure- so why not?!? We haven't been to France yet- but I've definitely enjoyed some French treats just by being so close!


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