May 3, 2012

2 A Ball Was Bound to Drop Eventually


Yesterday while I was walking the dogs I had the greatest idea for a post,
and when we got home I started typing and it clearly is going to be one of those multi-post arcs-
but it just flowed from my fingers to the keys.

I didn't  want to leave y'all hanging, though, 
so I also stayed up to finish editing the Keukenhof pictures
and posted them-
which was, of course, when my internet got S-L-O-W,
so it took forever.

I'm dedicated, though, and it doesn't matter that I went to bed at 1:30 just to have to be at work this morning at 7-
when I was rockin' yesterday on 5 hours of sleep, too.
(I seriously need a bedtime.  The circles under my eyes are looking Corpse Bride-esque.)

I posted a link to the Keukenhof posts
(dated to the day we were there, April 21)
on Twitter and the Facebook.

And totally forgot to post one here.



  1. I'm super eager for this long post...This one is kind of like my dinner yesterday. It was going to be amazing but was taking so long to make and my tummy was so hungry that it was hurting so I made something smaller beforehand to satisfy myself. I hope you see the connection.

  2. I do see the connection! I make seemingly random connections like that all the time, and then have to explain them. The longer post is in the works- I was far too tired today to give it the time it deserves! Thanks for being excited, it helps me keep working on it!


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