April 30, 2012

5 Spring Photo Shoot at Valley Gardens

 Today we had our first blue-sky, spring-like day in weeks. This week is going to be very busy for us, since Paul's final graduate school paper is due next weekend and I'm working four days this week (whose bright idea was that?!?), plus the weather is supposed to go from grey to worse, so we knew we had to take advantage of this gorgeous day and get the dogs out.  
We couldn't go far, since Paul's practically chained to his computer right now, so we went to Valley Gardens.  (also here)

 The cherry trees are finally blooming!  

 Of course, I tried for a photo session. All I want is a spring version of this adorableness, but getting these two to both look decent in a picture is nearly impossible.  Sloan's also starting to look like a ghost next to Max, with her mask turning so white these days!  (the sounds you hear are Paul's and my hearts breaking)

 This might be my favorite- she's such a goober!

 Maxwell Baxter-pants was actually in a good mood for pictures.  He was his usually temperamental self at first, ducking his head and continually walking towards me when I asked him to wait, but then he got with the program I found the treats in my pocket.

 Sloan knocked this blossom off the tree, so I turned it into a boutonniere!

 Yes, Max, you're a goober, too! 
"Caboose" was his first nickname for a reason!

This is in the Pinewoods, under one of the giant azalea bushes.  I tried to get each dog to pose, but each time Paul had the other dog on a further path- and I just love how they were searching for each other the whole time.  These two really are the best brother and sister!
 Her expression here reminds me of when she was young.


  1. So cute...my heart has completely melted. Especially with that picture of Max and the flower attached to him. And I must say that the picture of the two of them together is pretty impressive, it's like they know exactly what you are trying to do and therefore do as they should ;)

  2. Gorgeous pictures - but you know, if the dogs are in them, I'm going to love them!

    My old man is turning so gray too :( Sometimes I don't really notice til I see an older picture of him and then it's like WHOA! Dogs just don't live long enough.

  3. Thanks Joslin!
    Laura- they've had a lot of (forced) practice, and luckily they're pretty patient with my camera. Max is a little charmer, and that's a pretty widespread opinion, not just mine! These two goofy faces pretty much control my heart, and I can't get enough of them!


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