April 2, 2012

0 Where We Go: The Pinewoods

 This is a bit of a cheater post, because the Pinewoods is actually an area that backs up to Valley Gardens.  It's a gorgeous, wooded area (hence the name!) that stretches between Valley Gardens and RHS Harlow Carr (a more traditional garden).   When we take the dogs, we always park by the Pinewoods and walk through them on our way to the open space at Valley Gardens.

There are huge tree-sized bushes with these giant-azalea looking flowers scattered throughout the paths.  I'm not sure what the actual name of the flower is; I'm no botanist.  I just think they're pretty.  I was hoping they'd be blooming already, but there were only a few open flowers.  I'm planning to go back in a couple of weeks to try and show them in their glory.

 These giant-vine things are fun for the dogs (and I imagine human kids) to play in, so we usually meander through.  

 Found a local resident!

 Not quite the cherry blossoms of the Stray, but a more snowy-colored tree in bloom.
(It'd be nice if I had a clue what they are, wouldn't it?!)

In the center of a less-dense area we found this pile of feathers.  It looks more like someone had a Hollywood-girls' pillow fight than a fowl murder, but that just leads to wondering why on earth someone had a down pillow in the middle of the Pinewoods!

In other news, it got cold.  Snow/sleet predictions cold.  So I'm hoping the giant azaleas and daffodils and budding tulips aren't killed from the frost.  However, if I have to take a lamb or two in from the cold I won't complain!!

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