April 3, 2012

1 Three by Three, About Me

 A Krispy Kreme opened in Leeds last July, and Paul and I have made the one-hour round trip a few times.  Neither of us can resist the allure of the "HOT KRISPY KREME NOW" sign- couldn't in Georgia, and, once it arrived in Leeds, we've found a reason every now and then to head down that way.  
Last night, our reason was honest: to get Krispy Kreme.  I called in the morning to find out what time they were making the original glazed, and the answer was 9 PM.  Oddly enough, getting hot ones isn't common here, despite the store passing them out free to queuing patrons in the opening celebrations.  

As I sit here, enjoying my next-day Krispy Kreme (I may or may not have eaten four hot ones last night... the calories don't count when they're hot, right??), watching the rain/sleet/snow fall outside, I'm uninspired.

So, after all that, here's Three by Three, About Me. 

color  green- kelly, hunter, lime, any of them (well, except pea-soup)
photographer Elliot Erwitt

If I could take three things to a deserted island:
vegetables potatoes, carrots, leeks
board games Jenga, Milles Bornes, Trivial Pursuit (or any trivia game, really)

Fictional Characters People Say I Remind Them of:
Paul says Anne Shirley (specifically her apology to Rachel Lynde- at 1:15 in the linked clip)
Mom says Megan, from "Wake Up, Wakefield" (she says I talk like her- I think I only talk like that when talking to my mom)
Friends say Daria

Now that it's not only snowing, but sticking (yeah, this post took me a bit to write... plus we were watching The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.), I'm going to go drown my weather-sorrows in more donuts.

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  1. Just another I adore you! My sister and I live for Anne of Green Gables! She bought me the entire DVD set for my birthday year before last! Even my husband enjoyed them! (Well... except the last one, because it was lame, I'll admit.) The apology to Rachel is hilarious!


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