April 4, 2012

2 Across the Street Neighbors: Lambs!

 I've mentioned that we're surrounded by sheep- we've even got a flock across the street.  I love to watch them race and frolic out of our big window, so on Monday I got my camera and went outside.

 Unfortunately, my presence made the races stop.  It was really cold, so I sat on the wall as long as I could, but, while they did calm to my being there, they didn't resume the festivities.

 I may or may not be plotting this little guy's lamb-napping...

 This gang was very curious about me.

 This lamb was the most curious!

 A rear view of a short race back to their mums.

 I mentioned yesterday that it was snowing.  On my way to work this morning I pulled over and took a picture to show you the sad little huddles that were in each field.  

 Back to my neighbor-flock at lunchtime.

 This isn't the best image, but I always crack up at how the lambs treat their mums as jungle gyms- they climb on them, sleep on them, stand on them, leap over them, etc.  

 The snow melted throughout the afternoon, and after work I was greeted by some lambs celebrating the sunshine.  These two were head butting each other.

Back to normal, albeit a soggy and chilly one!

I've got big plans tomorrow, and if it pans out, I'll be bringing you pictures from my second brush with HRH Queen Elizabeth II!


  1. Oh my gosh! These sheepies are the cutes little sheepies i have ever seen! (yes, I know sheepies isn't a word but they are so adorable 'sheep' just doesn't do them justice!)

  2. I am SO in love with them! Awwwww! I keep shoving my laptop in front of my husband with every post of yours because of all your pictures! LOVE!


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