April 27, 2012

4 Farm Delivery Friday April 27 and Lambs in the Drive

back row: skimmed milk, potatoes, carrots
middle: celery, lemons, calabrese broccoli, lettuce
front: rhubarb, sage, apples
 I skipped posting a couple of weeks of Farm Delivery Friday, since it felt redundant and boring.  But now it's back, since we're gradually getting late spring/early summer items, like rhubarb!  
I'd never had rhubarb before living here, despite it being around the South.
Turns out?  Good.
I like sweet, I like tart, I like fruit/veg (depending on who you ask...) that can be made into pies and tarts.
I also got some fresh sage.  We go through a lot of herbs in our house, specifically the "Scarborough Fair" ones- parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.  
I eat A TON of rosemary, since rosemary and garlic is my favorite savoury flavor combination.
Anyway, since we can get fresh herbs with the farm delivery, we've both really gone away from the bottled dried ones from the supermarket.  Instead, I get fresh ones and dry them in the Aga
they dry quickly, within 1/2 a day, stay green, and maintain AMAZING amounts of flavor. 
This sage is already mostly dry.
It's the first of the big four herbs to appear on the website, but as the others become available you know I'll order them, too- several batches of rosemary, I'm sure!

 I took the dogs out to Bolton Abbey today, since we haven't been in a while due to the Easter break (we avoid popular places when school's out...) and then we were out of town for a week.  They love it, I love it, it all works out.  
As we headed down to the car park, there were lambs in the drive.

 These guys are big already!

Big, and adventurous... in the road.  Luckily, these are safe in the road, since the speed limit is 10 or something, and they're on a private estate.  I didn't have to chase any of these guys!

He's so handsome!
 There's a giant field in the middle of a bend in the river, across from the abbey ruins. It's basically the unofficial dog park, unless the estate's cows are there.  We always head over, and Max plays in the water while Sloan plays fetch.

 I was trying to take a picture of her jumping after her ball, but that's not easy when I'm both the ball-holder and the picture-taker... 

If you're coming over from Megan at Across the Pond, welcome!  This post is pretty much what you get here- a mix of English countryside (lately, lots of lambs), good food (local and fresh is easy here in England!), and my pooches.  I've got posts from our recent trip to Amsterdam, Keukenhof, The Hague, and Brussels coming up- so stay tuned!!


  1. Hi! I've come over from 'Across the Pond' and wanted to say hi!

    That farm food delivery looks gorgeous! I too live in England, I wonder if I can get a delivery like that!

    Oh and your dogs are cuties! xx

  2. i used to have a farm delivery service, and I LOVED it. this post definitely makes me regret cancelling it :) new follower! can't wait to catch up on your posts!

  3. i obviously need to get on the farm delivery boat. cause that looks amazing.

    and you know what's best with rhubarb? strawberries. in a pie.


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