March 1, 2012

0 A Yesterday in the Life

 Yesterday, before my blog plans were hijacked by 60s pop-music sadness
I'd planned to do a "Day in the Life" post.
Here goes.

I had an appointment in Harrogate, and Paul came with me to walk around after I was done.  I'd intended to take pictures of the crocuses on the Stray, but they weren't open yet.  This is The Crown Hotel, one of Harrogate's oldest established hotels.  It sits between Valley Gardens and The Stray, with the Royal Pump Room directly behind it- not a bad location!
This picture also shows you the grey and overcast sky we had, disappointing for pictures.

 When I'm in town I almost always stop at Betty's, the famous tea room.  I like many treats from here, but no one's love for Betty's matches Sloan's- their raspberry macarons are her absolute favorite treat in the world.  I tried to get a picture of her eating it, and she really does savor it, but I wasn't happy with any of them- no worries, we'll have more opportunities!  She always wants to lick out the bag after she finishes her macaron, even passing up the box my berries and cream meringue was in- she really does love the macarons!

 Soon the skies turned gorgeous, so we took the dogs out.  The Element was busy getting new brakes, and since our pick-up is both too small for all four of us in the cab and Max would be petrified, we walked to some nearby fields and played.  
 This actually is a step-over.  She just took a moment to enjoy her newfound height!

 Another footpath gate for you!

 Need some barbed wire?  

An interesting tidbit: the hay here is all saran wrapped.  There are these twisty things that have a pole that goes through the bale and then turns whilst this plastic wrap is unfurled- leading to stacks of saran wrapped hay.  Now, I'm not from hay-country in the States, but I'd never seen this before moving here!

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