February 29, 2012

1 Sad News.

I was planning a post on our day.
We went into Harrogate, and the skies were grey and overcast.
Bad for pictures of our charming little spa town.
Then we took the dogs on a walk, and the skies were blue and vibrant.
It wasn't going to be an exciting post, but it was going to be a regular-day post.

Then, I found out my first childhood crush,
died today.
(In my six-year-old defense, I saw him because my sister watched reruns of The Monkees-
I didn't know he was actually my mom's age.)

This is also relevant to this blog,
because I was recently jotting down a list of reasons 
why I was destined to live in England.
One of these reasons was that my first crushes
were Davy Jones and Jack Wild.
(If you Google image Jack Wild, please only look at the ones where he played the
Artful Dodger in Oliver!- his eye-candy factor dropped a bit after that...)
Well, now they're both dead.

watch out!
(I know JG-L is still relevant- and adorable!- but we've been involved ever since The Great Elephant Escape.)

Oh, you too, JTT.
(last parenthesis, I promise- did you know that if you enter "JTT" into IMDb you go straight to his page?!)

*sigh*  Enjoy.

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