March 2, 2012

0 Max's Seventh Birthday! and Farm Delivery Friday, March 2

Max turns 7 today. 
 Technically, at his size that makes him a "senior", 
but I prefer to just think of him as my little Mama's boy.  

We don't know his actual birthday, as we adopted Max from Oconee County Animal Control.
They approximated his age as 4-5 months- and thought he would be about 35-40 lbs when full grown.
Well... when we discovered Max's joint issues he started having monthly x-rays in November 2005, and a few months in his very open growth plates led his surgeon to suggest to me that we pick a different, much more recent birthday- his estimate was that Max was closer to 10 weeks when we adopted him!
Although March 2 is earlier than that approximation, Max seemed to have a lot of 2s-
we adopted him June 2,
he started his x-rays November 2,
we changed his birthday January 2,
 so I stuck with the Second of March.

Oh- he's 70-75 lbs.  Just a little bit more than expected- but Sloan doesn't seem to mind her little brother being bigger than her!

So today he is seven. 
No matter what the veterinary charts and his increasingly white chin say, though,
he'll always be my baby.
(yes, we know his head didn't grow in proportion with his body... he's a pinhead.)

Top row: Sloan's thigh, leeks, chicken and vegetable soup, milk, roast beef, fat-free yogurt, calabrese broccoli
Middle: courgettes, halloumi cheese, sweet potatoes, pineapple, carrots
Front row: pears, apples, lettuce, shitake mushrooms
Most of this order is regular for us, although the shitake mushrooms are a brave detour from the portobello mushrooms Paul and I have taught ourselves to cook in an enjoyable fashion.   The pineapple might look a little strange in our order, since Riverford's policy is for seasonal, preferably local produce- but it's a symbol of Riverford's work in Fairtrade farming.  This is "Fairtrade Fortnight", and Guy Watson, the owner of Riverford, went to Togo to learn about the Fairtrade farming industry.  As I do like pineapple, I ordered some to do my part in supporting the Fairtrade industry!

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