February 5, 2012

0 Snow Day!

 Yesterday afternoon it started snowing, and kept snowing for hours.  We ended up with a few inches- that's just enough to be fun!
Trying to be wise, we opted to play in the garden with the dogs.  It's not as good as a walk, but the road we live on isn't gritted and, after watching cars brake and creep up and down it for a bit, we decided to err on the side of caution and stay home.  

A couple of days ago Paul swore he saw a fox behind a bush in our back garden.  After he said it was Sloan's size (55 lbs), I told him clearly this was no fox, it must be a wendigo (just a random mythical creature, no real cannibalistic intentions).  Yesterday's snow gave him proof: footprints coming from under our fence through the garden!  (The cross prints are Sloan's.)

 The view from our garden.

 Sloan's still determined to play fetch, despite her ball disappearing with every throw!

Max frolicked and gamboled happily, snacking on snow like the goat he pretends he is, but he's nearly impossible to take pictures of whilst playing- so you get this handsome pose!

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