February 6, 2012

0 Cupcakes!

They may not be the prettiest, but they're tasty!  I'm a baker, not a decorator! 
This has very little to do with England. 
Or traveling.

But, since I worked today, it's what you're getting.
I got the bug to bake yesterday (that's not unusual, if you know me at all), and went to Pinterest.
The hot chocolate layer cake looked good,
but I didn't have any whipping cream on hand. 

I'd made some fresh lemonade earlier in the day
(what else do you do when there's ankle-deep snow outside??)

I don't use egg yolks, so the four eggs in the recipe was altered to 7 egg whites.

I had these gingham cupcake wrappers already, and they fit the theme perfectly.

my frozen raspberries were freezer burnt
(British freezer strikes again!)
but I had cranberries.

The cranberries were still frozen,
so I pureed them to bits and added some milk so the blender wouldn't squeal,
so then I had to add some extra sugar to the icing,
and it was too sweet so I added a squirt of lemon extract,
and all of that led to the icing having a sort of carbonated taste/feel-
so it only made the "ade" part of the lemonade even better!

they were a hit at work,
and brought a bit of summer to a snowy winter day!

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