February 3, 2012

0 Farm Delivery Friday Feb 3!

Top row: apples, carrots, milk, chicken vegetable soup, haddock chowder
Middle row: purple sprouting broccoli, calabrese broccoli, lettuce, celery, leeks
Bottom row: grapes, pears, portobello mushrooms, courgettes, baby spinach
 Farm delivery!
Not any interesting news today,
as the delivery is all regular items and I've explained most of those in the past.

Last night we had homemade S&G M&C with our Wensleydale cheeses.
January's "Welly Month" 50% off voucher meals ended earlier this week.  

Contrary to the stereotypes, 
I'm really gonna miss English food.

Just as a treat, I'm sharing something that makes me smile everyday.
This romantic little duo was painted (and then printed) by Joe Havasy, 
a fellow alum of UGA's Lamar Dodd School of Art.
Joe coined the term "cute-sturbing" for his art, 
and the clever juxtapositions are sure to make you grin.

When we moved to North Yorkshire 
and I realized that sheep were more common than trees,
I had to have this set on my wall!
(note: Sorry for the light glare on the left, it's my window, not a strange line in the print!)

Check out Joe's etsy shop 
and maybe you'll find your own piece of happiness!

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