February 27, 2012

0 First Lamb Pictures of the Season!

 A local farmer and the proprietor of the farm shop where I buy my eggs and Paul buys his pork was wonderful enough to allow me to sit in the field with his sheep and photograph the lambs.  
I was hoping for a nice, bright, sunny, warm day- but English weather prevailed, and the white cloud led to my fingers and toes getting quite cold as I sat on my little stool in the middle of the field!  
Good news is I still got some adorable pictures- better news is that the next bright, sunny day (that I'm off work) I'm going back to photograph them again!

 Whenever I would move around the field (going on the outside of the flock so as not to provoke them running) the ewes would watch me, and, as soon as I stopped and sat down, they walked towards me, leading the lambs.  It was great for me, since I quickly learned to be camera ready!

 This little guy is literally having a nap in the hay.  What a life!

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