February 8, 2012

0 A Regular Day

 Today I had the day off, so I slept in (ahhhhh!) and woke up to a bit of a financial freak out.
We still own our house in Idaho (yay housing market crash) and we've been fortunate enough to have it rented out.  Our first set of renters moved in about two weeks after I moved out, and, when they moved out, our property manager was able to find new renters only about three weeks later.
Nonetheless, finding out that our renters are moving out leads to a bit of a wallet-tightening, since paying our mortgage out of pocket will put a big dent in our travel funds... 
so here's hoping our history of quick-turn-around repeats itself. *fingers crossed*
After I realized that staring at my iPod wasn't going to change anything,
I remembered that I'd made tentative plans to meet up with a friend of mine.
I got up, got ready for the day, and headed to her house.
She lives in a very charming village in Nidderdale, Pateley Bridge.
We walked around a bit, but unfortunately the winter cold combined with crunchy, half-melted snow didn't lend itself to picture-perfect English village pictures. 

So instead I found a bit of green!  Pateley has a great greenspace near the center of the village, and even the cold front can't destroy all the green growth!

I realized the day was getting late, so I headed home to the pooches.  I took them out to a nearby path that we've gone to before.  We had some trouble getting down the path, as it has iced over from the constant sheep traffic during the day and freezing temperatures each night, but when we finally got to the big field overlooking the reservoir I decided we'd just play there.  I was shocked to see how much the reservoir has frozen over!

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow and Friday, but the British forecast is rarely to be trusted- I don't know if I'd prefer a blanket of fresh snow or it to all melt so we can go about our merry way safely!

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