February 10, 2012

0 The Love/Hate of Snow

 The pleasant snow we had earlier in the week has become quite the enemy.  We've had just warm enough temperatures each day to melt the top layer, which then freezes overnight, leading to crunchy, dangerous snow/ice.  To top that off, yesterday evening and a good bit of the night brought freezing rain- and thick ice.  This morning after I got out of the shower I got a call telling me my work was cancelled- so I drank my coffee and watched the cars slowly creep down our ice-covered street, glad I wasn't joining them.  When the brats finally decided to crawl out from under their blankets, we went out to the garden, since a real walk was out of the question (the paths are even icier than the roads).  I lit a fire in our chimera to melt the snow on the patio area (it worked!) and played fetch with Sloan while Max did his part to help with snow removal.

That's right- he eats it! 
Hmm, you'd think if his Mommy loved him she'd get his eye boogy before taking his picture and putting it on the internet, wouldn't you??

After ALL my hard work (ha!) clearing ice and being lazy, I sat down to enjoy the only true pleasure of winter weather- hot chocolate!  I bought these Emma Bridgewater mugs in Stoke (for about 1/3 of the linked price- whoa!), and both Paul and I think hot chocolate tastes twice as good in them!

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