February 26, 2012

0 A Bit of Melodrama


I'm feeling really frustrated.
Easily distracted.
Unable to concentrate.

I'm not entirely sure what it is.
It could be that our on-the-go traveling the past few months
has me more exhausted than I realize.
It could be that our upcoming move's where/when/etc.
has me stressed emotionally, logistically, financially.
(because it does)

It could be because I've got a lot of regular-life things that need taken care of-
and I'm trying to work as much as possible,
so we can continue our on-the-go traveling 
and still be financially prepared for the upcoming move.

I'm not sure. 

On top of all of those,
I've got that whole

I'm so tired of layers.  
I'm ready for sundresses.

In the good news bin,
the lambs are being born.
They're cute, and tiny, and oh-so-adorable.
And I'm going to photograph some.
As many as possible.
Unfortunately, the blue skies we had Friday
(the day I was exhausted from traveling home from Bulgaria,
and had all those things you have to do when you've been away for a week to do)
have disappeared behind the bleak white-cloud sky.  

Right now we've got two more trips planned-
two doozy-of-a-trip trips.
In a couple of months we're headed to 
Amsterdam-Keukenhof-The Hague-Brussels
over 8 days.

In the summer we're planning two weeks for

Oh, and I'm contemplating a short solo-trip to Belfast in May-
unless I can talk one of my friends into going with me.

In between that and regular life, 
we've still got A LOT of England to see-
the majority of the South, 
and still some of the North.
Oh- Wales, too.
I've got some festivals to attend as well-
of course!

I also want to go back to the Isle of Mull
and see Staffa and Iona, since we couldn't last time we were there.

Plus I NEED my "goodbye week" in Moray-
I can't leave this island without seeing the most beautiful part again.

This is actually in Perthshire, in the Southern Highlands,
but it should still give you an idea.

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