February 21, 2012

0 Bulgaria: Holy Trinity Church, or Sveta Troitsa Bansko

Old Bansko's biggest cultural asset is its beautiful church, Sveta Troitsa, or Holy Trinity Church.  

The church is surrounded by a high wall, and the walkway is simply but beautifully decorated.  

The interior is beautiful.  It looks like the most elaborately decorated barn or auction house I've ever seen.

I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take pictures, but, remembering what our Free Sofia Tour guide said (most churches say no, but will allow it for a few leva) I worked up the courage to ask the lady selling the candles (after I purchased a few, as well).  I used my phrase book and said "How much for this?" and "May I take photos?" She smiled obligingly and said yes- no charge.  

I just love the detailing of the painting.

These seats/pews fascinated me- they are so structured, like individual thrones, but also lend themselves to the barn/auction house feel.

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