February 22, 2012

0 Bulgaria: Bansko

Billy was a trooper throughout our trip- despite the cold, being in a push chair, and not getting to touch all the colorful shop items!  He was most excellent at napping on the go- a perfect mini-traveller.

The courtyard of a Mexana restaurant, a tavern serving traditional Bulgarian food.

Old Bulgarian women.  These women were sitting outside of a different shop every day- but always in traditional dress and with stern expressions.   I took this shot paparazzi-like, over Sarah's shoulder- I am always reluctant to treat other people as though they are tourist attractions, even if I am being a hypocrite about it!

There were several antique shops, selling everything from old ski gear to communist uniforms.

The buildings in Old Bansko were much more traditional- in fact, despite being literally down the main road from the tourist area of Bansko, Old Bansko was practically a different town.

Sarah, demonstrating a snowboard-bench outside a gear shop.

Most houses in Old Bansko had walled and gated courtyards- the doors were quite simple but beautiful.

A fountain near an open community space.

The ice was beautiful with the hot springs bubbling through.

Another Mexana.

The wall on the left borders Holy Trinity Church

Sitting like a grown-up at our lunch diner.
I think this little guy is fantastic!

A car buried in snow in Razlog, the next town over.

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