February 19, 2012

1 Bulgaria: Bansko Chalet and Mountain

 We stayed in a holiday chalet at Redenka Lodge.  We had a great holiday set-up, with a kitchen, living area, steam-room, and use of the lodge's indoor pool.  Since we were meeting some friends, Sarah and Bryan, and their two boys, Reece and Billy, the three bedroom/two bath chalet was the perfect place to stay.
The view from our balcony was breathtaking! 

 The last morning of our stay I decided we should take a picture!

 Since our chalet was located a few miles from Bansko and Bulgaria isn't too keen on plowing and clearing snow from roads, we were fortunate to find a chalet that came with a Land Rover Defender.  Much to Paul's chagrin, there was no power steering!  Between the roads being half snow and ice and the lack of power steering, Sarah and I were happy to let Paul and Bryan handle all the driving!

 The first day Sarah, Billy, and I went up the mountain in the gondola with the guys.

 I liked how this creek melted the snow.

 The view over Bansko.

 At the top!  We were there between the men's and women's Alpine Ski World Cup competitions, so some of the runs were closed to the public.  

 Gondola rest stop.

 Our last evening we were treated to a small parade, celebrating the start of the women's Alpine Ski World Cup.  These guys chanted as they went by- and smelled rather pungent. 

 Billy was clearly perplexed by the parade!

 I'm sure it smelled worse inside the costumes...

 These guys came next.

It was a small parade.

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  1. I would love to ski in Bulgaria, if for no other reason than to say I did :) Those guys in the parade - very interesting. And so jealous you all got to drive a Defender - one of my all time favs!


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