February 18, 2012

0 Bulgaria: Goods, Markets, and Shops

 Some of the flea-market type goods in one of the open markets. 

 I'd read that the Ladies' Market was the place to purchase authentic pottery, for great prices.  I bought a smaller pot, similar to the ones below, and a plate for 8 leva, or around $5.50.

 Sofia book market.

 We bought some snacks for our bus ride to Bansko- all of this for 16 leva, or around $10!  The Little Debbie-cakes were just that, the cookies were delicious, especially the face ones, and the bagel chips were quite tasty. 

 Long Bulgarian delight, in every flavor!

 Bulgarian delight bites!
(I'm not a fan of any country's "delight.")

 These were seeds, nuts, and honey- Sarah and I both bought some, and they were REALLY good.  

 This was a funny marshmallowy wafer bar.  It was NOT good. 

 The souvenir shops started to blend together after a while, like most tourist traps.  
Some of the items were nice, though, and I bought a few of the traditional textiles both for myself and as gifts. 

 I purchased a set of the felted slippers on the right.  The only ones that fit my feet were a cream pair with brown embroidery. While I do like the ones I got, I really liked some of the more vibrant pairs, but they were all smaller sizes.  

The woman who ran the booth didn't speak any English, so my handy phrase book came out again.  She was happy for me to take pictures, but quickly stepped out of the view!

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