February 24, 2012

0 Farm Delivery Friday, February 24! Plus a Bonus!

from back left, clockwise: portobello mushrooms, celery, leeks, chicken and vegetable soup, milk, carrots, onions, potatoes, roast beef, red lettuce, baby spinach, lettuce bag, cucumber, purple sprouting broccoli, lemons, parmesan cheese, pears, grapefruit, fresh buffalo mozzarella, cabbage, calabrese broccoli, sweet potatoes.  whew!
We've been in Bulgaria the past week, and so it was nice to come home to a fresh farm delivery.  
Plus, even though I managed to get more vegetables in my diet than in Budapest, 
it's nice to have some crisp delicious ones to cook my way- not greasy!

Like I'm sure you inferred, we just got home today.
We're tiiiiiired.  
We got up at 3 AM Bulgaria time (1 AM England time) to get to the airport.
Oh, and I've got a rant about Frankfurt International for you...
least favorite airport EVER.

But it was a great trip.
I'm already working on pictures-
and yeah, nearly done with Barcelona posts...

Believe it or not, this was a warm day!
This was on the balcony of our chalet- not a bad view, huh?
Despite the fact that it looks like we're in front of a really old Hollywood fake-mountain backdrop, we're actually in front of real-life Balkan mountains!
Do ignore my terrible self-timer expression... 
I didn't plan this picture taking in advance...

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