January 4, 2012

0 Barcelona: La Rambla and the Market

 La Rambla is probably Barcelona's most famous single street.  It runs from Placa de Catalunya to the harbor, ending at the Christopher Columbus monument. 
The street is divided into sections, each named for the items vended there.  Unfortunately, the traditional vendors seemed to be on holiday and we mostly saw souvenir booths.  
Las Ramblas is also known for rampant pickpocketing (although we didn't see anything here, again, the low season) and for street performers- which I was, of course, very excited about- much to my dismay, they, too, were scarce!

This demon guy was committed to his calling.

There were also a couple of version of this guy- the other was a woman in the exact same get-up only silver.

I was a little excited... but the donuts were only okay.  I'll have to stick to my Krispy Kreme in Leeds.

The food market located just off La Rambla is a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.  There were several of these fruit smoothie stations.

Hungry yet?

Back to the street...
This building is traditionally known as Casa dels Paraigües, or House of Umbrellas.  It was built as an umbrella factory. Currently, the building has the name Casa Bruno Cuadros.

In the center of La Rambla is a mural by Joan Miró- I'd never heard of his work before, but Barcelona is very proud of their native artists!

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