January 1, 2012

0 2012: It's Only Gonna Be Better

I've never made New Year's Resolutions, 
I usually just think of some lofty new goals around my birthday.
(That gives me a week after New Year's to ponder ideas.)

This year I think I'll try this universal tradition.

  • Keep my "problems" in reality.  I've really had the idea of "first world problems" hit home lately, especially after our early-December trip to London.  Whilst there, we were walking from the tube station back to our Tower Hill hotel and I was complaining a bit (really!) about my blistered toes hurting and how cold I was.  As we walked, a disheveled but not slovenly man approached us, and, very politely, said that he wasn't looking for money, rather he was wondering if we'd be able to go buy him something warm to eat as he was homeless and didn't get enough money (£12) for the hostel that day.  He said he didn't want us to think he was just going to buy alcohol or drugs, he really just wanted a hot meal.  We gave him the change we could and walked away, me feeling karmically put in my place.  I'd been thinking the overall triviality of my general complaints already, but this was the kicker I needed to either do something about them or just shut up.  I do wish we'd taken the time to sit with him in a pub and hear his story.  I'm beginning to appreciate other people's stories more and more.

  • That said, I'm also going to enjoy where I'm at in life.  I'm pretty sure everyone has "should have/would have/could have"s in life, but sometimes I think I focus on those too much.  I've realized that I'm pretty happy with who I am and, when I'm comparing my life to friends' or people I read about, I don't know their dark secrets or should have/would have/could haves- and others only know mine if I let them overwhelm me.  I'm going to clich√© it up a bit: in 2012 I'll roll with the punches, embrace what life gives me, and make lemonade- pulpy and tart!!

  • Keep on traveling.  I've always said I'm not a traveler, but over the past year I've realized that it's not the going places that bothers me, it's the hotels/living out of a suitcase.  I have seen that the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience, so look out, world- we're still making our way around!

  • Do what's best for the pooches (including the imposter-pooch, Mia).  In a lot of ways, this is already mantra in our house.  They get the best healthcare we can find, they are allowed a lot of freedoms in our house (wait, that implies that there are limitations!), and we plan most of our days around them- not being gone more than 6 hours or so without having our petsitter stop by for them. However there are days that laziness takes over and they don't get the exercise and sniff-ercise they need.  I'm not talking about when the weather is absolutely awful, or when I'm honestly sick; just when I'm/we're lazy.  Daily walks make them happier, which makes them better behaved, which makes me happier, plus Max and I can always use a little cardio!!  Until I get brave enough to try a baby-Bjorn with her, Mia still has to stay home, though!
So here's to a New Year, which very likely holds some big changes for us.
Until then, 
we'll keep loving this island full of sheep and stone walls 
and hopping on cramped discount airlines to visit other countries, cultures, and histories!
Oh, and don't you worry- my camera will always be pressed to my face, 
so you won't have to read all this jibber jabber frequently!

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