December 23, 2011

0 Farm Delivery Friday Dec 23!

top row, l-r: celery, calabrese broccoli, leeks, red bell peppers, portobello mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and organic apple juice (which Paul's been drinking)
middle row, l-r: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, courgettes
bottom row, l-r: bananas, clementines, lemons

Once again (really almost every Friday) we have our farm delivery!  This picture is a bit of a combo of last week's delivery and this week's, since I forgot again- oops!
As always, I also got my 2L of milk and some soups- chicken & vegetable and haddock chowder.  Those are already in the fridge.

This week we got the mini fruit + veg box, since Paul likes to take fruit to work and he eats both clementines and bananas- I eat neither.  The lemons are mine; even when I accidentally let them go bad I always need lemons in the fridge- you never know when a squeeze will brighten up a dish, I might need some fresh lemonade, or I might get the urge for my favorite sugar cookies- which require lemons!

The onions and tomatoes came in our boxes- neither of us eat those, so I'll probably pass them on to our neighbor.  I try not to waste any of the farm delivery, but if I do forget about something and it gets wrinkly I just put it in my compost bin, so at least it's not trash...

Happy eating!

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