December 24, 2011

0 Wordiness/A Day in the Life

The title is a warning for you.
I've wanted to do more personal blogging, and the "Day in the Life" was a start for that.  The biggest roadblock to regular posting is the delay in me editing my images from our trips- I'm currently wading through the pictures I took in Budapest and London, and since I prefer to post those dated for the days they actually were shot it makes my blog-posting all whack-a-doo.  I think I'll keep posting them dated to their occurrences but I'll post a link on the day I finished to the total label... if you don't follow that train of thought just click when I post a link titled "Our trip to ______".

Without much further ado, here's some bits and pieces of our lives between the wind, rain, cold, and work:

Leeds got a branch of Krispy Kreme last summer, and we've definitely taken advantage a few times.  Mia decided the bag is a perfect place to hang out.

On one of Sloan's regular adventures she decided to clamber through some cow muck.  The cows here recently got shut in the barns for the winter, as they do every year, so I let her run off-lead through the fields between our house and the closest reservoir.  She enjoyed sniffing and chasing the birds and managed to get stuck armpit-deep in cow muck- a combination of poo and the remains of food/tramping around their hay feeder in the field.  After realizing she was stuck, she whined for me to come over, and once again I was thankful for her wearing a harness under her coat- I grabbed it and threw her across the muck (just a few feet).  I then got to suction my wellies out of the muck!  Before her bath I made her take a picture. You can tell how thrilled she was with the whole situation.

Yet another day at Brimham Rocks for us (Sloan and me).  While we haven't had any sticking snow, winter has definitely set in and the heather and ferns have gone brown.

If you're concerned over Max's lack of representation here, he's doing well, for the most part.  He's still in recovery from his most recent surgery (in September he had his sixth orthopedic surgery- he really needs his own blog!) and can't do long-distances of exercise, but he does get daily walks, don't worry!  He's just had yet another check-up with his surgeon, and, unfortunately, was put back on his anti-inflammatory.  He had a great month off of it (the first time he's been off in over three years), but his osteoarthritis in his elbows began flaring up, so back to the awful smelling but he loves them tasty drugs he goes.  

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