December 13, 2011

0 Harrogate Panto

 Christmastime is made all the more magical here in the U.K. by a fantastic theatrical tradition: the pantomime.  A hilarious take on a traditional tale, the panto is structured for children but there are plenty of "over their heads" jokes for adults, too.  Filled with pop-culture references and tunes, cross-dressing (the lead male is often played by a woman and the lead male's mother/older maternal figure is usually played by a male), and general overall good-spirited fun, going to the panto every year has been a highlight of our English Christmases.  

This year's performance was Beauty and the Beast.  In our previous years we've enjoyed Harrogate Theatre's Dick Whittington (a Yorkshire-boy-does-good tale) and Aladdin. 

We've always sat in the stalls (the floor), but on a tour of Harrogate theatre earlier this fall we learned that the dress circle is considered better seating.  I bought our tickets late this year, but we got front-row dress circle seats next to the boxes. The view was better, other than the sharp angle.

If you're ever in the U.K. (or a commonwealth country) in December, I highly recommend checking out a panto- they're fantastic!

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