December 8, 2011

0 Budapest: Castle Hill

There are two ways for auto-less visitors to travel to the top of Castle Hill: either on the historic Funicular or by foot on the path.
We took the path.

This is the top of the Funicular.  It was originally constructed in 1870, but, after being destroyed during WWII, wasn't re-opened until 1986.

Buda Castle in its ancient form doesn't exist anymore; rather, the complex of buildings atop the Hill are known variously as the Royal Palace, Buda Castle, or by the buildings' current incarnations.
The Budapest History Museum can be entered through the inner courtyard.  It displays items from throughout Hungary's history, particularly ones relating to the various periods and buildings on the site.

The entrance to the Hungarian National Gallery, a comprehensive exhibit of Hungarian artists and pieces.
The statue is of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

This gate is amazing.  It's behind the main complex, so I feel fortunate that we saw it.  The dramatic clouds rolling in really helped the overall feel!  The raven is the heraldic animal of King Matthias Corvinus.

The mythological Turul bird.

Oh, yeah- another door!

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