December 8, 2011

0 Budapest: Hungarian National Gallery

The Hungarian National Gallery is what is seems: a gallery displaying work by Hungarian artists.  It's definitely worth a visit, as the gallery encompasses many periods of art.

Peter Krafft, "Zrinyi's Charge From the Fortress of Szigetvár" 1825

Unfortunately I can't find the information for this piece. If you recognize it, let me know!

János Donát, "Venus" 1810

Károly Kisfaludy, "The Sorrows of Ossian" after 1822

According to Paul's notes from our visit these are busts of Károly Kisfaludy and Ferenc Kasinczy, however, I can't find images of them on the National Gallery's website to confirm the artist's name.

Miklós Barabás, "Romanian Family On Their Way to the Fair" 1843-1844

Miklós Barabás, "The Arrival of the Bride" 1856

Gusztáv Keleti, "The Exile's Park" 1870

József Molnár, "Lake in the Polish Tatra"

Károly Lotz, "Horses in a Rainstorm" 1862

Károly Lotz, "Trackers" second half of the 1870s

Károly Lotz, "Woman Bathing" 1901

Pál Szinyei Merse, "The Balloon" 1878

Béla Uitz, "Struggle" 1922

Tamás Lossonczy, "Great Cleansing Storm" 1961

Rezso Berczeller, "The Last Judgment" 1990-1991

László Haris, "05.06.1975" 1975

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