November 14, 2011

0 Venice Trip: Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Venice has some incredible churches.  That statement is unarguable.  One disappointing thing I discovered, though, is that most of them don't allow photography inside.  While I do understand their policy, and the defensive position held to protect the invaluable paintings and art, I do get my photog feelings hurt when I see the 
That said, it does make the ones that allow photography that much more special.  

This beautiful building is the former Scuola Grande di San Marco and is the current location of SS. Giovanni e Paolo City Hospital.  We didn't go inside, and I'm hoping it just looks like any other hospital, and not one with Tintoretto on the walls of the waiting room!

This grand building is the Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo.  It was built between 1333-1430 on land donated by Doge Jacopo Tiepolo. 

The church holds art from Bellini, Lombardo, Veronese, Piazzetta, and several other well-known artists.  Unfortunately I don't know which piece was whose, so you'll just have to enjoy what I've got here.  Twenty-five doges are buried here, as well as many artists and other notable figures.

All the churches have beautiful ceilings, and the scuolas are even better.  I just wanted to lay on the floor and stare in each building!

These circle windows are all over Venice, and I love them- I really want them!!

This statue is of Bartolomeo Colleoni, by Andrea del Verrocchio, is known as his masterpiece and one of Europe's best equestrian statues.

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