November 14, 2011

0 Venice trip: Burano

Burano is another island north of Venice, this one known for lacemaking.  While I'm not big on lace, I was very attracted to another of Burano's features: the colorfully painted homes of the local fishermen.  We took the vaporetto over from Murano to make a day of it.

Right off the dock of the vaporetto we saw this little caffe surrounded by very large cats.  I tried to capture one of them next to this sign, but he had better things to do.

Whilst wandering the island, we seemed to stumble into a more local part.   No shops, no caffes, just homes and people walking around going about their day.  I liked these fishing nets laying out to dry.

Found the houses!! 

Nearly all of the homes had sheets or curtains over the front doors.  I wasn't sure if this was for shade or for preventing nosy tourists from peering in. 

As usual, I found a door I liked!

Burano is a charming, quiet island.  If you've got the time in your trip, take the vaporetto over and enjoy a nice afternoon strolling around!

This was a building we passed both directions out to Murano and Burano.  Abandoned buildings stranded on their own islands were a common sight when traveling around the lagoon.

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