April 16, 2011

0 Leeds United Football Club

 Some friends of ours invited us to a LUFC match, and, as that's high on Paul's list of enjoyable activities, we went.  This was the first English football match either of us has attended, and was, to put it mildly, a different experience.  Fans yell, chant, and sing in unison at various moments in the match, which in a way is similar to the cheers at a UGA football game, but seemed very, very different, especially when you don't know the words to the chants!  We had amazingly good seats, just to the right of the goal on the front row, and as the pitch is raised, there were no visual barriers between us and it.  I, of course, was armed with my camera, and even had my telephoto lens along.  About a third of the way into the game a steward came and told me I needed to put my camera away, as "those types" aren't allowed.  Later in the match I asked one of the head stewards if it was because of my telephoto lens- he said no, that NO photography is allowed during matches.  I looked around a bit, and sure enough, there were no other cameras out.  So, since it took me a bit to figure out which settings I wanted the camera on and then I was told to put it away, these are the best of the contraband shots I took- oh, well.

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