April 9, 2011

0 Byland Abbey and Rievaulx, revisited

Byland Abbey is about an hour from us, so we headed out one day to visit it and stop over at Rievaulx, as Paul hadn't been there yet. The church's great rose window has mostly fallen away in ruins, but the lower frame of it speaks to it's size.  The church was completed in the 1190s, and was the largest Cistercian church in Britain. 

The central door under the rose window.

The footing of a pillar.

Re-erected arcading in the presbytery.

The fireplace in the warming house, the only room allowed to have heating during winter.

View across the cloister and into the nave, rose window ruin is on the left.

View from the northwest area.


I've already posted on Rievaulx so I won't go into overview images or detail words. These images are slightly redundant to each other, but I love the beauty of the arches' architectural form and I hope you enjoy it as well. 

Sloan, posing in the cloisters.  I tried to get her to smile... this was milliseconds after she stuck her tongue out at me.  I'm trying not to anthropomorphize that action, but it's hard not to, given how annoyed she was with me!!

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