February 21, 2011

0 Liverpool Walker Gallery, Statues, and Protests

 We went to two different art museums in Liverpool.  At the Tate Liverpool, where I was unable to photograph anything, we saw several famous artists' pieces- Picasso, Jasper Johns, Matisse, Mondrian, Dali, Duchamp, Warhol, Legere, Degas, Magritte, and Antony Gormley.  However, our first stop off the coach was the Walker Gallery.  It's a beautiful art museum that had some fantastic pieces I was able to photograph.

This  is a painted photo-realistic view of Liverpool.  In person it's absolutely amazing, like what a paint-by-numbers dreams of being. 

 I love this hamster cage!  The scale helps, but the 3-D perspective is what's truly impressive.
This is based on the cow-mascot of Sainsbury's milk.  I think it's what would happen if a Magic Eye crashed into Pooh's Heffalumps. 

 These two figures in Liverpool's Lime Street Rail Station are sculptures by Tom Murphy of Bessie Braddock and Ken Dodd.  She's holding an egg, he's holding a... hmm... I'm not sure.

 This statue is outside of St. George's Hall, where we saw...

 a protest!  I love (non-violent) protests!  

 Especially when they're patrolled by bobbies on horseback!

 This building facing St. George's Hall is actually a University dorm.  Several students were leaning out of their windows to watch the commotion.  Paul commented that the noise would be even worse than tailgaters on the Myers' Quad... but I disagree.  I doubt these protesters started at 6 AM and went straight through the wee hours!

This was the other protest we saw, near the Liver buildings.  It was against a tuna company killing sharks, and had two shark costumed individuals. 

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