February 21, 2011

0 Buildings of Liverpool

 Leeds, from the top of the double decker bus we took. 

 This building looked like if you entered you'd be pressed into some wacky Victorian traveling sideshow... but actually we ate lunch there before leaving and it was quite good.  And we did leave without having to sign over any body parts...

 The National Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum are in this building.  What interested me, though, was this fire escape from/to nowhere...

From Albert Dock, you can see the two Liver buildings with the Liverbirds. 

At Albert Dock.

The Liver building, with the Liverbird on top. 

 The Liverbird.

 Church across from Albert Dock.

Customs building, with the Liverpool Wheel in the distance.

Entrance to Chinatown- we were unfortunately disappointed.  It consisted only of a few restaurants.

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