February 21, 2011

0 Liverpool ships and graves

 This is the Yellow Duckmarine, an "amphibious tour of Liverpool".  We didn't get a chance to go on it, but we did enjoy watching several of the boats? cars? pull out of the water!

 Tugboats on the Mersey.

 Houseboats and canal houseboats in the marina.

 Full time marina residents.

 This is St. James Park and Cemetery, just outside of the Cathedral. It's a beautiful area secluded by a steep incline on all sides.

 The grave slabs are lined up along the paths in the park, and Paul and I moseyed along reading  them.  These are from the orphan asylums.

 This is the entrance to Liverpool Cathedral, a modern building (completed in 1978) that is astonishingly true to classic cathedral structures and architecture.  I found it rather fascinating because of this unique balance.

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